Monday, July 15, 2019



1.   Who has recently been appointed World Bank Managing Director (MD) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)?
a)  Anshula Kant  b)  Rahul Sachdev c)   Amrita Dev d)   Bipin Singh
2. In order to facilitate trade between Bhutan and which country India has set up a waterway in Brahmaputra River?
a)      Pakistan  b)      China  c)       Bangaldesh  d)      Nepal
3. Which tennis player recently won the second Wimbledon title by defeating Roger Federer?
a)  Rafael Nadal  b)  Novak Djokovic  c)   Andy Murray d)    Stan Wawrinka
4. Which leg-spinner of Afghanistan has been appointed the new captain of the team in all three formats?
a)  Asgar Afghan  b)  Gulbadin Naib  c)   Hamid Hasan  d)   Rashid Khan
5. Senior BJP leader Kalraj Mishra has been appointed governor of which state?
a)   Bihar  b)   Jharkhand  c)   Himachal Pradesh  d)   Uttar Pradesh
6. Which nation won the ICC World Cup 2019?
a)      England  b)    New Zealand  c)    Australia  d)    Sri Lanka
7. Which nation will host the ICC World Cup 2023?
a)      New Zealand  b)    Sri Lanka  c)       India    d)      South Africa
8. Which state became the first to have the State Water Policy to conserve water?
a)      Kerala  b)      Meghalaya  c)       Punjab  d)      Bihar
9. Which of following General Insurance Company will be merged with National Insurance Company Limited and United India Assurance Company Limited to create a single insurance entity?
a) Oriental India Insurance Company  b) Bharti Axa General Insurance
c)       Bajaj Allianz General Insurance  d)      SBI General Insurance
10. Hussain Muhammad Ershad died recently. He was former President of which country?
a)      Sri Lanka  b)      Bangladesh  c)       Nepal  d)      India

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