Tuesday, July 16, 2019



1. Which among the following players was left out from Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup XI?
a) Virat Kohli 
b) MS Dhoni  c) Rohit Sharma  d) Ravindra Jadeja

2. In the second round of talks on Kartarpur corridor, Pakistan has agreed to allow visa-free travel for how many pilgrims per day?
a) 1000  b) 3000  c) 7000  d) 5000

3. NASA is commemorating the 50th launch anniversary of which history mission in July?
a) Apollo 1  b) Apollo 13 m c) Apollo 11  d) Apollo 5

4. Which country has opened its air-space for India after five months?
a) China  b) UAE  c) Pakistan  d) Japan

5. The first international flight from this Indian city took for Dubai on July 15.
a) Jamshedpur  b) Indore  c) Dehradun  d) Bhopal

6. Which of the following personality was chosen by Bank of England to feature on new £50 note of Britain?
a) Alan Turing  b) James Watt  c) Jane Austen  d) Nan Shepherd

7. The International Arbitration Court imposed over USD 5 billion penalty on which country for unlawful denial of a mining lease to a company?
a) India  b) Pakistan  c) USA  d) China

8. When is World Youth Skills Day observed every year globally?
a) 13 July b) 14 July  c) 15 July  d) 16 July

9. Which state government has recently announced the addition of Maithili language as an alternative subject from the 8th to 12th standard?
a) Delhi Government  b) UP Government  c) Bihar Government d) Rajasthan Government

10Which country will host Shooting World Cup 2020?
a) China  b) South Korea  c) Japan  d) India

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