Friday, July 12, 2019



1. Roger Federer will be facing which tennis player in Wimbledon 2019 semi-finals?
a) Rafael Nadal  b) Novak Djokovic  c) Dominic Thiem  d) Alexander Zverev

2. Which among the following platforms would be introducing ‘Learning Playlists’ for educational videos?
a) Facebook  b) YouTube   c) Instagram   d) Twitter

3. The Super 30 movie starring Hrithik Roshan is a biopic based on whose life?
a) Bhushan Singh   b) Vishal Kaprat   c) Anand Kumar  d) Sandeep Suri

4. Which company has recently acquired the American software company Red Hat?
a) Lenovo  b) IBM  c) Dell  d) Samsung

5. In order to prevent the sale of unauthorized water bottles, by which name has the campaign was launched by RPF?
a) Operation Save Water  b) Operation Clean   c) Operation Thirst d) Operation Catch-Up

6. Name of the virus that hit 1.5 crore android devices across the country recently.
a) Black Horse  b) Agent Smith  c) Target John  d) Super Bug

7. India’s Child mortality reduced to what percent as per the Multidimensional Poverty Index 2019?
a) 4 percent  b) 3.5 percent  c) 2.2 percent  d) 2.0 percent

8. Which public sector bank recently announced to do away with charges on NEFT and RTGS transactions through internet and mobile banking from July 1?
a) PNB  b) SBI  c) OBC  d) Bank of India

9. Who was appointed as the Secretary (Overseas Indian affairs) in the External Affairs Ministry?
a) Vikas Swarup  b) Praveen Garg  c) Ashwini Chaube  d) Akhil Sharma

10. Which state plans to develop Centres of Excellence for skill development in aviation Industry?
a) Madhya Pradesh  b) Assam c) Gujarat  d) Goa 

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