Thursday, August 29, 2019



1. When was Fit India movement launched?
a) August 28th  b) August 15th  c) August 27th
d) August 29th 

2. The Secretariat Office of the International Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure will be set in which Indian city?
a) Pune b) Bengaluru c) Chennai
d) New Delhi
3. Which nation successfully test-fired nuclear-capable surface-to-surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi?
a) Israel
b) Pakistan c) North Korea d) Iran 

4. When will India launch a nation-wide ban on single-use plastic?
a) October 2nd b) October 31st  c) September 1st  d) September 30th 

5. Which sportsperson’s birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day?
a) Major Dhyan Chand b) Milkha Singh c) PT Usha d) Sachin Tendulkar

6. How many colleges will be opened in the region of Jammu and Kashmir by Government of India?
a) 30 b) 40
c) 50 d) 60

7. Where was the 12th National Security Summit organized in India?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi c) Surat d) Kolkata

8. Which state government has banned sex reassignment surgeries on intersex infants?
a) Maharashtra  b) Karnataka
c) Tamil Nadu  d) Andhra Pradesh

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