Friday, August 23, 2019



1. Which court has agreed to examine validity of new triple talaq law?
a) Delhi HC b) Madras HC
c) Supreme Court d) Allahabad HC

2. Which among the following Indian structures featured in Time’s 2019 list of 100 greatest places in world? 
a) The Light Box Restroom b) Nalanda Ruins
c) Galden Namgey Lhatse
d) Statue of Unity

3. Who will be replacing Sanjay Bangar as India's new batting coach?
a) Vikram Rathour b) Thilan Samaraweera c) Amol Mazumdar d) Pravin Amre

4. Which organisation placed Pakistan in its Blacklist recently?
a) FATF b) United Nations c) IMF d) World Bank

5. What is the name of new Android version launched by Google on August 22, 2019?
a) Android Pie
b) Android 10 c) Android Cake d) Android 9

6. Who was recently appointed as Defence Secretary in the Ministry of Defence?
a) Subhash Chandra b) Sanjay Mitra
c) Ajay Kumar d) Vijay Sharma

7. Which Ministry launched the Sabka Vishwas - Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme recently?
a) Ministry of Finance b) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
c) Ministry of Home Affairs d) Ministry of MSME

8. Union Power Minister RK Singh recently approved proposal to declare which of the following as Renewable Energy?
a) Nuclear Energy b) Natural Gas c) Ocean Energy d) Fossil Fuel

9. Which nation has unveiled a domestically-built Bavar-373 missile defense system despite sanctions?
a) North Korea
b) Iran  c) South Korea d) Russia

10. Which nation has launched a rocket carrying a life-sized robot to International Space Station?
a) US b) Germany  c) France
d) Russia

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