Friday, August 23, 2019



1. Who among the following was arrested by CBI in relation to the INX Media corruption case?
a) Yashwant Sinha
b) P. Chidambaram c) Arun Jaitley d) Pranab Mukharjee

2. A raging fire has engulfed this rainforest, which contributes to about 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen. 
a) Amazon  b) Nile  c) Congo d) New Guinea

3. Which Minister launched NISHTHA, the world’s largest teacher’s training programme on August 21, 2019?
a) RK Singh  b) Rajnath Singh 
c) Ramesh Pokhriyal d) Amit Shah

4. Which state has topped this year’s State Rooftop Solar Attractiveness Index (SARAL)?
a) Andhra Pradesh 
b) Karnataka  c) Telangana d) Gujarat 

5. Who has been recently appointed as Cabinet Secretary?
a) Arun Lal b) Sachin Tanwar
c) Rajiv Gauba d) Vivek Bansal

6. Which state has recently approved the recruitment of women drivers for government vehicles?
a) Kerala b) Tamil Nadu c) Andhra Pradesh d) Telangana

7. Which state’s high court recently ordered a ban on DJs across the state?
a) Rajasthan b) Haryana
c) Uttar Pradesh d) Punjab

8. Who was appointed as the new Home Secretary?
a) Jaswant Singh  b) Rajiv Gauba 
c) Ajay Kumar Bhalla d) Deepak Chaudhary 

9. US President Donald Trump recently showed interest in buying which nation?
a) Iceland b) Ireland  c) Cuba
d) Greenland 

10. Which state’s government has decided to appoint a third party agency to study tea industry problems?
a) Kerala b) Sikkim  c) West Bengal
d) Assam 

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