Friday, July 19, 2019



1. When will the Ministry of Commerce & Industry launch the Global Innovation Index 2019 (GII)?
a) 20th July  b) 22nd July  c) 24th July  d) 26th July

2. Who was appointed as the Private Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
a) Vivek Kumar  b) Sanjeev Kumar Singla  c) Ashok Singh  d) Gautam Tripathi

3. Which country signed agreement with India to upgrade railway lines?
a) Bangladesh  b) Sri Lanka  c) Nepal  d) Mauritius

4. Where city hosted the 10th Jagran Film Festival?
a) Kanpur  b) Mumbai  c) Noida  d) New Delhi

 The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development released the ‘Deeksharambh’ guide for student induction programme of which institution?
a) CBSE 
b) UGC  c) ICSE  d) IB

6. Which among the following cricketers has been inducted to ICC Hall of Fame?
a) Saurav Ganguly   b) Yuvraj Singh    c) Sachin Tendulkar  d) Virat Kohli

7. Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon’s surface, marking a giant leap for mankind, on which date?

a) July 12th   b) July 20th   c) July 21st  d) July 15th 

8. Who has passed the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill 2019?
a) Lok Sabha   b) Rajya Sabha  c) Union Cabinet   d) NITI Aayog

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