Friday, July 19, 2019



1. The ICJ ruled in favour of India on July 17, directing Pakistan to review and reconsider Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution with how many votes?
a) 15  b) 16 c) 14  d) 13

2. The Supreme Court has allowed mediation process on Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid land dispute case to continue till which date?
a) July 20  b) July 31  c) August 2  d) August 1

3. WHO has declared Ebola outbreak in which among the following countries as a global health emergency?

a) Libya  b) Nigeria  c) Egypt  d) DR Congo 

4Who among the following won her fourth gold within 15 days time in 200m race in the Tabor Athletics Meet in Czech Republic?
a) Dutee Chand 
b) Hima Das   c) VK Vismaya  d) Rani Rampal

5. What is the name of L&T's group chairman who has recently been appointed the non-executive chairman of IT company MindTree?
a) Arjun Venkat  b) A.M. Naik  c) P.K. Dikshit  d) Vivek Kulkarni

6. Name the owner of Sarvana Bhavan who was sentenced to life imprisonment but died due to heart attack.
a) P. Rajgopal  b) R. Siddharamaiya  c) V.K. Vats  d) J.K. Narayan

7. What is the new launch date of Chandrayaan-2? 
a) 20 July  b) 21 July  c) 22 July  d) 23 July

8. Which among the following became the 76th signatory country to join the International Solar Alliance?
a) Morocco  b) Palau  c) Philippines  d) China

9. When is the Nelson Mandela International Day observed every year?
a) 16 July  b) 17 July  c) 18 July  d) 19 July

10. Which Indian company recently completed the acquisition of 100 percent stake of Hamleys Global Holdings Ltd (HGHL)?
a) Reliance  b) Tata  c) ITC  d) VIP

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