Friday, July 12, 2019



1. Which nation has become the first to qualify into the World Cup 2019 finals?
a) England   b) Australia  c) India   d) New Zealand

2. Which country was recently declared measles free by World Health Organization?
a) Sri Lanka  b) Nepal  c) Bangladesh  d) Pakistan

3. According to the 10th Agriculture Census (2015-16), what is the percentage of operating ownership of women in agriculture increased from 13% in 2010-11 to year 2015-16?
a) 17%  b) 16%  c) 15%  d) 14%

4. Which state government recently decided to pay compensation worth Rs 7-7 lakh to the families of farmers who have committed suicide in the last five years?
a) Andhra Pradesh  b) Bihar  c) Jharkhand  d) Gujarat

5. Which Indian sprinter won gold in 100m race during 30th Summer University Games held in Italy?
a) Hima Das  b) Dutee Chand  c) Renuka Awasthi  d) Mani Ratna

6. Which Indian city will host women Startup Summit on August 1, 2019?
a) Kochi b) New Delhi  c) Mumbai  d) Chandigarh 

7. Prasar Bharati signed an MoU with which among the following institutes for research collaboration in newly emerging technologies?
a) IIT Delhi  b) IIT Madras  c) IIT Roorkee  d) IIT Kanpur

8. Ten Congress MLAs joined BJP in which among the following states?
a) Maharashtra  b) Karnataka
  c) Goa  d) Madhya Pradesh

9. Which state government has launched a drive to fill up vacant posts in government departments?
a) West Bengal  b) Maharashtra  c) Uttar Pradesh   d) Karnataka

10. Which nation’s Supreme Court has stayed the government’s move to roll back pesticide testing on vegetables, fruits from India?
a) Bangladesh  b) Nepal  c) Myanmar  d) Pakistan

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