Wednesday, July 10, 2019



1. India played Cricket World Cup 2019 semi finals with which team?
a)  England b)  Australia  c)  New Zealand d)  Sri Lanka
2. Who was appointed as the Director General in Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)?
a)  Arun Kumar  b)  B S Bhullar  c)  Satish Dixit  d)Nitesh Kumar
3. The RBI recently finalised a ‘Three Year Roadmap’ to improve supervision and regulation. What is the name of roadmap?
a)  Utkarsh 2022  b) Utsaah 2022  c)  Vishwas 2022  d)      Vikalp 2022
4. Which state has recently announced a solar award in the name of Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvaraya?
a)  Telangana  b) Maharashtra  c) Odisha  d)Karnataka
5. Which company has launched first electric SUV in India?
a) Hyundai  b) BMW  c) Nissan  d)  Volkswagen
6. Rajya Sabha passes resolution imposing 200% customs duty on goods from which country?
a) USA  b) China  c)  Pakistan d) Bangladesh
7. According to latest report of UNESCO one in four children in which country will remain uneducated by 2030?
a) India  b)  Argentina  c)  Iran  d)  Pakistan 
8. DRDO carries out three successful tests of which tank destroyer missile in one day in Pokhran?
a) Nag  b) Prithvi c)   Akash d)  Agni

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