Wednesday, July 3, 2019



1. Which batsman became the first Indian to cross 1000-run mark in 2019?
a) Virat Kohli 
b) Rohit Sharma
c) KL Rahul  d) Rishabh Pant

2. India recently signed a deal to buy ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missile from which country?
a) Russia  b) USA
c) Japan  d) Israel

3. Who became the highest run scorer of ICC World Cup 2019 after the India vs Bangladesh World Cup cricket match?
a) Rohit Sharma  b) David Warner
c) Virat Kohli    d) Shakib Al Hasan

4. Which Country has left membership of International Whaling Commission and resumed hunting whales?
a) China  b) USA
c) Japan  d) South Korea

5. Union Jal Shakti Ministry recently launched which initiative for water conservation and water security in 1592 stressed blocks in 256 districts?
a) Jal Shakti Abhiyan   b) Jal Shakti Morcha
c) Jal Shakti Yojana  d) Jal Shakti Samman

6. Which Indian government department is taking trails of Tri-NETRA technology?
a) Ministry of HRD   b) Indian Railways
c) Commerce Industry   d) FICCI

7. Which state government has decided to prepare the National Citizen Register on the basis of Assam Government?
a) Karnataka   b) Tamil Nadu
c) Nagaland    d) Manipur

8. Which state government approved amendment in the Factory Act of 1948 to allow women for working in the night shift?
a) Madhya Pradesh  b) Goa
c) Punjab  d) Tamil Nadu

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