Saturday, June 9, 2018

letter writing

                                                            Business letter 

Introduction : business letter are less formal than official letter or letters to the editors of  newspaper. The proper from of salutation is ' dear sir ' , and of subscription Yours faithfully or Yours truly .

                       business letter should be terse clear and to the point . There should be no beating about the bush everything should be clearly and concisely stated. 

Q 1.  draft a notice including the agenda of the first meeting the board of directors of a public limited company . 

Ans .                                                                AR. K LTD.
                                               C-456 , Chittaranjen park ,  New Delhi -  100019 
                                                       FOR FIRST BOARD MEETING 

Notice is hereby given that first meeting of the board of directors of the company will take place at 2 p.m on the 15 may , 2018 at the registered office of the company ( at the above address ) to consider the following agenda . 

You are requested to attend the same . 

Dated : 15th April ,2018                                                                                  Mr. Rajkumar sing 
1. Election of chairman 
2. production of legal document viz. certificate of incorporation memorandum of association  and articles of association .
3. Election of directors and managing directors .
4. Fixation of quorum for board meeting . 
5. Discussion over prospect of the company . 
6. Any other business with permission of the chairman .

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