Tuesday, October 8, 2019


1. Who won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine?
a) William G Kaelin Jr, Peter J Ratcliffe & Gregg L Semenza
b) James P. Allison & Tasuku Honjo
c) Michael Rosbash, Michael W Young & Jeffrey C Hall
d) Yoshinori Ohsumi

2. Who will perform Shastra Puja in France after receiving the first Rafale fighter jet?
a) PM Narendra Modi b) President Ram Nath Kovind
c) Rajnath Singh  d) Nirmala Sitharaman

3. Which organisation hosted the celebrations of the first World Cotton Day in Geneva?
a) United Nations
b) World Trade Organisation
c) World Bank d) International Cotton Association

4. Justice Ajai Lamba recently took the oath as Chief Justice of which High Court?
a) Madras High Court b) Bombay High Court

c) Guwahati High Court d) High Court of Punjab and Haryana

5. India recently received the first tranche of details about the Indian Citizens account in which institution?
a) Swiss Banks b) Panama Papers c) Singapore Banks
d) Cayman Islands Banks

6. Who has been awarded with the UNEP’s Asia Environmental Enforcement Award 2019?
a) Ram Nath Kovind b) Prakash Javadekar
c) Ramesh Pandey 
d) Maneka Gandhi

7. When was the first World Cotton Day celebrated?
a) October 7, 2019  b) October 5, 2019  c) October 2, 2019 
d) October 6, 2019 

8. The Supreme Court directed which state government to assure that no more trees will be cut in Aarey colony?
a) Delhi  b) Uttar Pradesh  c) Karnataka 
d) Maharashtra
9. How much monetary assistance will be provided to the families of battle casualties after Government’s latest hike?
a) Rs 8 lakh b) Rs 5 lakh c) Rs 10 lakh  d) Rs 6 lakh
10. Which country has fined 80 people and groups for alleged 1MDB payments? a) Singapore b) China c) Malaysia d) Thailand

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