Wednesday, August 14, 2019



1. Which police department was dragged to court for referring to Independence Day as Republic Day?
a) UP Police
b) Delhi Police c) MP Police d) Karnataka Police

2. Donald Trump accused which two countries of taking advantage of the WTO’s ‘developing economies’ tag?
a) China and Japan  b) India and Pakistan 
c) Pakistan and China
d) India and China

3. IWF has provisionally suspended five athletes belonging to which nation?
a) India  b) Japan  c) Russia d) China

4. Which state’s police has banned offering of namaz on roads?
a) Delhi  b) UP  c) Madhya Pradesh d) Maharashtra

5. What is the name of the patriotic song released by I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar recently?
a) Watan b) Azadi c) Mera Desh d) Hum Sathi

6. Who has recently won ‘Doodle for Google’ 2019 award?
a) Misty Lawrance b) Jane Peterson
c) Arantza Pena Popo d) Andrew Cornwell

7. Who will be awarded with Vir Chakra during Independence Day 2019 celebrations?
a)Rajiv Arora b) K L Nayak
c) Abhinandan Varthaman d) Sumit Prakash

8. When will the World Sanskrit Divas 2019 be celebrated?
a) 14 August
b) 15 August c) 16 August d) 17 August

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