Tuesday, August 6, 2019



1. The United States designates which country a ‘Currency Manipulator’?
a. India  b. Pakistan 
c. China  d. Israel

2. Name of the institution which has published a report titled ‘Economics of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought in India’.
a. IIT Delhi  b. TERI  c. CSE  d. LPU
3. After J&K is proposed to be organized into two Union Territories the Finance Commission would have to decide devolution for how many states now?
a. 28  b. 29  c. 30  d. 31

4. Pathamadai Silk Mat has recently granted a GI tag. It belongs to which state?
a. Kerala  
b. Tamil Nadu  c. Telangana  d. Odisha

5. Which organization has recently launched Jeevan Amar Plan?
a. SBI n b. ICICI  c. RBI  d. LIC

6. Under whose chairmanship UGC's 542nd meeting was organized recently?
a. T Ramaswami  b. Arun Chandra  c. Vivek Goswami  d. N Gopalswami

7. Who has been appointed as the director of Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics- ICTP?
a. Atish Dabholkar  b. Vikram Chauhan  c. Sanjay Singh  d. Devendra Bhadauria

8. Who is the highest run-scorer in T20 cricket?
a. Rohit Sharma  b. Suresh Raina 
c. Virat Kohli  d. Shikhar Dhawan

9. Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is located in which state?
a. Telangana  b. Karnataka  c. Tamil Nadu  d. Odisha

10. Which organization has recently found in a survey that quarter of the world's population is under extreme water stress?
a. WRI  b. WHO  c. ILO  d. WWF

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