Monday, August 5, 2019



1. Which Article was scrapped by the Parliament recently?
a) Article 370  b) Article 356  c) Article 377  d) Article 246

2. Which of the following Articles got revoked alongside Article 370?
a) Article 174  b) Article 244  c) Article 153 
d) Article 35A

3. Which of the following would be the new Union Territory without Legislature?
a) Puducherry  b) Chandigarh 
c) Ladakh  d) Jammu

4. Which institution or body passed the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2019 on 5 August 2019?
a) President  b) Lok Sabha  c) Rajya Sabha  d) Parliament

5. Which Surface-to-Air missile was successfully flight-tested by DRDO recently?
a) QRSAM  b) NAG  c) Agni  d) Dhanush

6. As per the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in which state ‘Bharati Huda’, a rural settlement, had thrived about 3600 years ago? 
a) Odisha  b) Madhya Pradesh  c) Karnataka  d) Kerala

7. How many individuals will be scanned under the Human Genome Mapping Project of Government of India?
a) 12,000  b) 16,000  c) 20,000  d) 22,000

8. As per UGC notice, all universities in India will get a final subscription to access which Swedish anti-plagiarism software?
a) Dravin  b) Urkund  c) Inkis  d) Pitras

9. How much grant has been approved by centre government Kosi-Mechi Interlinking project?
a) Rs 2,300 crore  b) Rs 31,00 crore  c) Rs 3,400 crore 
d) Rs 4,900 crore

10. What is the name of former Maldives president who was taken to detention centre after being returned to the country?
a) Ahmed Adeeb  b) Mohammad Morsi  c) Waheed Hassan  d) Abdulla Yameen

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