Tuesday, July 23, 2019



1. India has rejected which among the following leader’s claim that PM Modi asked him to be the mediator in Kashmir issue?
a) Kim Jong Un  b) Donald Trump   c) Xi Jinping  d) Vladimir Putin

2. The Supreme Court has extended the deadline for Final NRC publication till which date?
a) August 31st  b) July 31st  c) August 1st  d) August 15th

3. Former Japanese diplomat Yukiya Amano passed away recently at the age of 72. Amano was the chief of which among the following UN agencies.

a) International Atomic Energy Agency b) United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime c) United Nations Development Programme d) International Development Association

4. Which among the following nations has extended emergency for another month?
a) Myanmar  b) Maldives c) Sri Lanka d) Nepal

5. When is National Broadcasting Day observed every year in India?
a) 22nd July b) 23rd July c) 24th July d) 25th July

6. Who won the 2019 Sangita Kalanidhi award of Madras Music Academy?

a) S. Sowmya b) Seetha Narayanan c) M.S. Sheela d) Aarti N. Rao

7. Who is appointed as the Vice Chief of Indian Army?
a) Lt Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane b) Lt Gen D Anbu
c) Lt Gen Bipin Rawat d) Lt Gen Anil Chauhan

. Which research lab recently raised USD 1 billion from Microsoft?
a) OpenAI b) World of AI c) AI Town d) Tech to Tech

9. The Supreme Court recently ordered to cancel the RERA registration of which real estate company?
a) Gaur Sons b) Sivertouch Group c) Amrapali Group d) Silver Touch Group

10. Which government department has initiated 'no bill, no payment' campaign on complaints about vendors charging money arbitrarily?
a) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation b) Indian Railways c) Ministry of External Affairs
d) Ministry of Civil Aviation

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