Tuesday, July 30, 2019



1. Who among the following said these words, “The true motive of Triple Talaq bill is destruction of Muslim families”?
a) Digvijaya Singh
b) Ghulam Nabi Azad c) Ambika Soni d) Roopa Ganguly

2. Business Tycoon VG Siddhartha has gone missing and extensive search operation is on in Karnataka to locate him. Siddhartha was the founder of which among the following chains?
a) Barista b) CCD c) Starbucks d) Indian Coffee House

Jagdeep Dhankar was sworn in as the Governor of which state? 
a) West Bengal  b) Maharashtra c) Telangana d) Odisha

4. Which among the following ships was commissioned into the Indian Navy?
a) LCU L-63 b) LCU L-51 c) LCU L-56 d) LCU L-73

5. As per a recent UN report, how many children have been killed and injured in armed conflicts?
a) 3000 b) 12000 c) 70000 d) 8600

6. Which country has built first of its kind Underwater Military Museum?

a) India b) China c) Germany d) Jordan

7. According to the Tiger Census Report 2018, which state of India has the highest tiger presence?
a) Gujarat b) Odisha
c) Madhya Pradesh d) Andhra Pradesh

8. What is the name of India's first female legislator in whose honour Google has created a doodle?
a) Savitri Swami b) Muthulakshmi Reddi c) Ankita Deshpande d) Aarti Narayan 

9. Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh submitted his resignation from the Parliament’s upper house today. Singh belonged to which party?
a) BJP b) INC c) BSP d) SP

 What is the name of the tropical storm that grew into a hurricane in the US?
a) Finn b) Shawn  c) Erick d) Clarke

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