Tuesday, July 9, 2019



1. Which Bank recently announced to pull out of global equities sales and trading to scale back investment banking?
a) Deutsche Bank b) Barclays Bank c) HSBC India d) DBS Bank
2. Prime Minister Modi recently unveiled the statue of former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri at which city?
a) New Delhi b)  Ranchi c) Varanasi  d)  Karnal
3. India and which country recently resolved to exchange crucial information on drug trafficking and precursors?
a)Russia  b)  Myanmar c) Nepal  d)  Maldives
4. Which helicopters arrived at the Mundra port in Gujarat for the Indian Air Force?
a) Vikrant  b) Chinook  c)  Rafael d) Tejas
5. Reliance Jio tied-up with which social media platform for ‘Digital Udaan’ initiative?
a) Facebook  b) Instagram  c)  Twitter  d)  WhatsApp
6. Which state government has announced for monthly Rs. 10K allowance for Padma award winners facing financial problem?
a) Jharkhand  b)  Odisha  c) Telangana  d) Rajasthan
7. Who has been recently appointed as head of the National Cricket Academy?
a)  MS Dhoni  b)  Sachin Tendulkar  c)  Rahul Dravid d)  Harbhajan Singh
8. According to the United Nations, which country has enriched uranium more than limit set in an international treaty of 2015?
a) Iran  b)Iraq c) Jordan  d)  Pakistan
9. Recently, how many countries have established a group of scientists to study the impact of climate change on Arctic ice?
a)      32  b)   25 c)   20  d)   17
10. Which country has recently launched Soyuz Carrier Rocket with 33 Satellites?
a)  China  b)    Russia  c)   France  d)  Sri Lanka

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