Thursday, July 4, 2019



1. The Economic Survey 2019 has projected how much growth in GDP in 2019-20?
a) 8 percent  b) 7 percent
c) 9 percent  d) 11 percent

Which two nations have the most powerful passport in 2019?
a) Japan and Singapore
b) Finland and Germany
c) Denmark and South Korea
d) Japan and Finland

What is India’s position in Henley Passport Index 2019?
a) 76th b) 82nd 
c) 78th d) 86th 

Which state’s assembly has passed a bill proposing a hike in retirement age of Vice-chancellors of State own Universities?
a) West Bengal   b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Himachal Pradesh d) Punjab

5. Which nation has proposed to ban the return of extremists for 2 years?
a) New Zealand   b) United Kingdom
c) Australia   d) Germany 

6. The IMF board has approved USD 6 billion loan package for which nation?
a) Bangladesh   b) India 
c) Nepal   d) Pakistan
7. The longest Electrified Railway Tunnel has been commissioned in which state?
a) Kerala  b) Karnataka
c) Andhra Pradesh  d) Telangana

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