Monday, July 23, 2018


hello!  friends ,  how are you ?  if , you are preparing for competitive examination you will visit my website : you are now currect place . so , today i am prepared a pdf file about IDIOMS &PHRASES .


.1   Sweeping Statement  Thoughtless statement
2.   All at sea   Puzzled
3.   Enough rope  Enough freedom for action
4.   By fits and start   Irregularly

5.   Fell foul of  Got into trouble with

6.   Token strike  Short strike held as warning
7.   Face the music  Get reprimanded
8.   Look down upon  Hate intensely
9.   Flogging a dead horse  Wasting time in useless effort
10. Under a cloud  Under suspicion
11. Green thumb  To have a natural interest
12. Played havoc  Caused destruction
13. No love lost between Not  on good terms
14. Fair and square   Honest
15. A white elephant  Costly or troublesome possession

16. Out and out  Totally
17. On the cuff  On credit

18. Does not hold water  Cannot be believed
19. A wild goose chase  Futile search
20. In a tight corner  In a difficult situation
21. Going places  Talented and successful

22. In cold blood A murder done without intention
23. Off and on   Occasionally
24. Hard  and fast  Strict
25. Took to heels  Run away in fear
26. To keep up  To keep in touch
27. Make a clean breast  Confess without reserve
28. Heads will roll  Transfers will take place
29. Make no bones about  Do not have any hesitation in anything
30. Take after   Resembles

pdf file details : (800+ IDIOMS &PHRASES .)

file name :(Idioms & Phrases for cgl, WBCS , (

file size : 856kb

Download : click here

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